Welcome to the 2018-2019 golf season!

 Season Long Match Plays
 Singles Winner  Doubles Winner
Karl Braun

Mike Coulson

Candice Coulson 
 Club Championship
 Gross  Net
Champion - TBD          2nd - TBD        3rd Tied - Miguel Gutierrez  3rd Tied - Raj Malik   Champion - Olivia Arce 2nd - Randy McClarren   3rd - Karl Braun 4th - Chad Knippen 
May ACE 
Gross ACE - Miguel Gutierrez

Net ACE - Dagan King 
April ACE  
Gross ACE - Glen Hoyt

Net ACE - Randy McClarren 
March ACE 
Gross ACE - Raj Malik 
Net ACE - Glen Hoyt 
February ACE
Gross ACE - Dan Bachman

Net ACE Olivia Arce 
President's Cup 2019
Gross Net

Kevin Jansen

Karl Braun
Monthly ACE Winners Gallery (January)
Gross ACE Net ACE

Robert Wells (Gross 80)

Kevin Jansen (Net 69)
Gross ACE Net ACE

Mike Coulson (Gross 75)

Oliver Gardiola (Net 65)
Gross ACE Net ACE

Matt Judd (Gross 81)

Jose Griman (Net 69)
Gross ACE Net ACE

Chad Knippen (Gross 79)

Karl Braun (Net 68)
Gross ACE Net ACE

Kevin Jensen (Gross 76)

Chad Knippen (Net 68)

Surf Side Golf Club Bahrain Tournament 2016

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